ARP REAR SETS, are one of the best products available on the market today. They are quick to install and make you feel like you are molded into your bike, offering you uncompromised performance and handling with increased responsiveness. Now you too can set your bike up like a pro racer and ride with prescision.

These sets are completely custom in both setup and design to be flexible for any rider style, as they are adjustable with multi-level settings (9 positions) and easy to configure. The shift and brake pedals are amazingly responsive and feature double ball bearings for smooth movement without wobbling. With guaranteed high end construction the oveall feel of these rear sets is exceptional. They really stand out from the other products currently on the market, to give your bike an amazing new styled look, great responsiveness and an amazing feel on the road. This rear set system can be setup for original shifting or reversed very easily to give your bike a great custom feature to further personalize your riding experience. Reverse shifting is easily setup by rotating the change arm during installation. Exactly what you need for precise control of your sports/superbike; an amazing product staight out of the box that easily bolts on, offers exceptional comfort and quality craftmanship.



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