P3 has long been the company that has proven it's innovation through design and excellence, as their determination to be the best moto protection system on the market is second to none. P3 offers maximum protection for your valuable motorcycle parts at an affordable price, while offering durability and lighter weight products that are easy to fit and that look great on any type of mx motorbike.

P3's new Carbon Composite MX protection products are set to revolutionize the industry! P3 engineers have designed a perfect 5 layer carbon fibre weave which is both hard wearing and thick enough to offer top knotch protection; utilizing a system of covers and guards to protect your bike from top to bottom. The result is an amazingly brilliant bolt on product that will give your machine a simple but effective full factory look and feel; with an up market carbon fibre look that says bling.

Also now available in a new Bi-Colour Weave Carbon Composite that are set to revolutionize the industry!