F1moto offers a crankshaft reconditioning service – cost AU $150.00 plus the cost of a quality replacement conrod kit. Connecting Rod kits are usually Prox but we can supply Wossner Con Rods, Carillo Con Rods and Hot Rods Connecting Rod Kits.

We have a range of crank weights sometimes called stuffers for KTM, Husqvarna, Yamaha and Kawasaki dirt bikes which can be incorporated in your crankshaft rebuild.

We can re-condition exchange or supply a new engine crankshaft from stock to suit your needs.

Inertia & crank balance is a big part of overall motorcycle performance – adding crank weights or stuffers changes the OEM inertia of the crank making the power supplied much smoother and corner speed more efficient. F1moto is a pioneer of the Long Rod kits for KTM/Husqvarna and Yamaha dirt bikes.

Long Rod kits are not the same as stroker crankshafts as they do not change the CC of the engine but only give longer dwell time at top dead center thus providing a more stable and balanced engine with much less vibration.
An example of this is the latest KTM 125 known for its bad vibration – F1moto long rod kits are and effective solution to overcome this.

Stroker & Long Rod Kits available for a lot of popular models.