F1 Moto is pleased to offer the following Workshop  and Replacement Part Services:


At  F1moto we offer a range of Cylinder and Cylinder Head specialised services.

Reconditioning Nikasil Plated Cylinders

Nikasil plated cylinders are used on most modern 4 stroke and 2 stroke engines. This is a plating process that differs from the old style of reconditioning using a steel sleeve or liner. With this process, the existing Nikasil plating is stripped and the cylinder is then replated to Manufacturer’s standard A size piston. Your cylinder may be damaged or it could just be that the Nikasil plating has worn through use. Either way, we can repair and recondition the cylinder in most cases.

Normal replating costs AU $430.00 AUD including return postage within Australia. If your cylinder has additional damage this may be extra. Please send us photos of any damage so we can evaluate for cylinder repair.

Steel lined cylinders can be re-bored depending on the existing size of the cylinder and what oversize pistons are available.

If you are unsure if your cylinder is Nikasil plated or Steel lined use a magnet to determine the inside of the cylinder.

Steel lined cylinders can be quoted on an individual basis.

Four-stroke cylinder head reconditioning is available at F1moto. We can strip and replace valves, recut valve seats, port cylinder heads, and flow tests with our Superflow 110 flow bench.

No need to search for cylinder head repairs and reconditioning near me as you can send your cylinder and cylinder head by post for repair or evaluation and quote.

In addition to cylinder head repairs and cylinder replating we offer a wide range of new cylinder kits and big bore kits which include cylinders, piston kits, gasket kits and in some cases new cylinder heads and power valves.

F1moto also carries a range of reconditioned cylinders that are supplied on an exchange basis. Please contact us for information on which reconditioned cylinders are available in stock and see our FAQ page for information on how our exchange program works.

If you are unsure whether your cylinder has worn too much or just wants your cylinder measured for correct piston sizing F1moto offers a free measuring service for customers purchasing Engine Rebuild Kits and Piston kits.