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F1moto have recently installed a Dynojet 250I full bike to take tuning your Motorbike to the next level. Our state of the art cell is the optimum environment to ensure we can tune your bike to its full potential.


Whether you are looking to tune a Mini such as the KTM 50, 65 or 85 SX for racing or looking to fuel economy on your Road bike F1moto can provide a comprehensive service. We have a full range of performance upgrades and products as Husqvarna, KTM, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki which include VHM 2 stroke billet cylinder heads, HGS complete exhaust systems, VHM billet pistons and performance top end and engine rebuild kits.

F1moto can supply performance CDI's and ECU's including Get Ignitions, Power Commanders and VHM CDI's, a full mapping service is available using the Dynojet 250I Dyno and F1moto custom maps are available to improve performance and solve detonation problems.

out by F1moto's Technical Director Steve Ingham who has a lifetime's experience in building performance engines - his career started in UK building engines for Ilmor Engineering - engine suppliers to Leyton House, Tyrrell, Sauber, and Mercedes. He then moved on to BAR/Honda as a Research and Development design  he knows his way around high-performance engines.

F1moto look forward to tuning your Dirtbike, or Track bike and offer a wealth of Motorbike Parts and Accessories which can be purchased through our online store or Ebay stores.



Dynojet Dynamometers

The 250I Dyno is a Load Controlled System that has been developed over years of experience and dynamometer installations worldwide.

The Dynojet 250i uses the latest technology in Eddy Current Power Absorption which uses Winpep8  software for reliable and consistent results.  Using Dynojet’s Load Control Software the 250I gives the ability to control vehicle RPM or Speed at any throttle opening, the closed-loop software design automatically holds the bike at a pre-determined setting.