Your New Lectron Carb Is Only One Click Away, Have A Look Here + Lectron 4-Stroke Carbs Have Just Arrived! Short Description here

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Lectron carburetors are amazing "jettless", "wonders", they just work! Go faster, stronger, for longer on less fuel!  No jets, can you believe it?  No hassles messing around with "jets", sign me up!  Metering rod is the name of the game, simply adjust your idle, and within a few tweaks you are off and riding the way riding was meant to be, simple as pie! We all love pie! 

Now the biggest news in the Lectron world, for all of you out there that have been waiting patiently, drum roll: Lectron 4 Stroke carburetors are now available for sale (each carb is custom made just for you, so there will be some lead time), but the process is simple, just pick the one that is right for your bike, fill out our online form, to make sure it fits in your bike frame and you are all set, it is that easy!  Lectron is taking over the world!  Go Lectron!