Who wouldn't like to design / make their own footpegs? We love to ride and it shows. There is only one thing we like more and that is; keeping riders going. Whether it is on tracks, trails, roads, or surfing the waves; we are there to help keep your bike performing at it's best. We find great satisfaction in videoseries?list=PLsR-br3qz7RhKgFcx_GDbHOufjKp0MXOp&rel=0


F1MOTO can design and manufacture custom motorcycle parts to supply customers with solutions to common industry faults in standard parts that simply don't perform the way they should. Sometimes things can just be made for fun! Who wouldn't like to make their own custom footpegs for their bike?  Well, here is a great example of how they are made. Afterall we live in the age of 'personalizing' and making custom products made for the individual not the generic masses. We can take expressions of interest to manufacture any part and it may not be worth the cost to do one set of footpegs, but if you are interested in a new line of footpegs we can help.

If you are interested give us a call to find out more.