F1MOTO Superstore was founded in 2009, by Steve Ingham, a former Formula 1 racing car engineer with an amazing talent for R&D (research and Development) of petrol and super fuel racing engines for both IImor Engineering and BAR/Honda Engineering Teams. Racing performance is Steve’s life and his passion, has always been motorcycles. So, it made perfect sense for Steve to open his own online performance motorcycle superstore after leaving the Formula 1 race car scene.


His dream is to help other bike enthusiasts and racers to build and create the bike of their dreams. “Knowledge, resources, and parts are the main ingredients for building the perfect motorbike, but first you must have the spark of the idea that motivates you to build it, and the courage to chase after it, and never stop until you have the finished product standing before you.” With this notion the online performance parts superstore was born, and he has been helping people achieve their dreams ever since; one street bike, one dirt bike, enduro bike, trail bike, motorcross bike, race bike, and MX bike at a time.


F1MOTO has emerged as Australia’s largest online marketplace supporting parts and services for all 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines. Through the direct and loyal support of many satisfied Australian customers, we have grown and are now a World-wide motor bike parts superstore supporting customers in over 40 countries around the world.  Our F1MOTO website and eBay stores provide us with a unique and personal shop front to offer products, parts, and accessories for on-road and off-road bikes for all major brands such as: Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM, Gas Gas, TM, Husaberg and Husqvarna. We specialise in performance parts for MX, Enduro, Trail Riding, Motocross, MotoGP, and all types of dirt bikes. We further specialise in rebuild services and engine parts for both on and off road motorcycle rebores and dyno for: stroker crank rebuilds, exchange recondition and resizing of cylinders, and custom projects.


We sell original manufacture replacement parts or higher grade performance and racing quality parts, as well as many other aftermarket parts, bling kits and accessories. We are the only Australian importer of Nihilo and Xceldyne products and offer quality products from all the leading parts manufactures including: Athena, CP, Cylinder Works, EHR, Eject, ETS Race Fuel, Force Accessories, Get, HGS, JE, Namura, NGK, Nihilo, ProGrip, ProX, P3 Carbon, R&D, Replay, RHK, RR Racing, Talon, Twin Air, V Force, VHM, Vortex, Winderosa, Wossner, Xceldyne, Yoshimura and many more please see our Brands page for more information and links. 



Here at F1MOTO, we believe in making friends and valued customers, and offer a wonderful customer loyalty program and free shipping within Australia. Shopping for the motorcycle parts you need is both simple and easy, either from us online or over the phone. Each purchase you make with us goes toward a discount off your next purchase (percentage based on total annual orders). We process every order as soon as it is received and our prices are very competitive. All orders are handled personally by our friendly staff and overseen directly by the owners.


The F1MOTO Team has won the Illawarra Outstanding E Business Award for 2013 and the Illawarra Excellence in Business Innovation Award in 2014. We were finalists as Excellence in Small Business for 2015. We are committed to constant improvement in our services and products.


F1MOTO Superstore is all about motorcycles and helping to support our friends in the races. We are a loyal and enthusiastic team at the superstore who pull together to support local clubs, race teams, and amateur events. We are race fans and racers are family. We would not be here today without the passionate dreamers and motorcycle riders like you. We appreciate your patronage and desire to push the envelope, “just that much further”, and we want to be there to see you win that race.







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