Our in-house engineers are specialist in research and development (R&D); product design, production, testing, and implementation.

A little about what we do: We look at old technologies and how to make them better, we develop new products from scratch, and we improve upon new technologies to upgrade their specifications. A full analysis of your motorcycle is available, looking at every system and how well they are performing together.

Please contact us if you have a problem that needs to be solved or simply want to get more out of your racing motorcycles. Our engineers will review your enquiry and provide you with feedback comprised of simple solutions to try first, or with more in-depth solutions for more complex problems. The sky has no limit when our engineers are working for you.



Brand New F1MOTO Product Unveiling: 


A rare find in KTM 65 performance technology. The all new ROCKET Twin Venturi 28mm performance carburettor. Developed from 18 months of intense R&D from our in-house engineering team.

We have now made this amazing product available to the public. There is no other 28mm carb that can outperform this beast. With increased surface area and air flow, the ROCKET carb adds both an increase in horsepower and racing efficiency in one smart package.

Fully developed by F1MOTO this beast is a must have for any performance upgrade. Pair it with an HGS exhaust upgrade and you've just trippled the gained horsepower from 'stock' standard parts (standard ktm oem exhaust and oem 24mm carb).




Bike specification

Stock engine apart from a power valve adjuster, HGS Pipe and Muffler.

Curve line key

Green line – KTM 65 sx OEM standard Carburettor

Red Line -  EHR 26mm big bore carburettor standard 452.448mm2 surface area

Yellow Line -  NEW 28mm F1 Moto ROCKET Twin Ventui carburettor with an increased 615.832mm2 surface area.

(Notable:  increase of 163.384mm2 surface area over a standard carb).


Starting from 15HP for a 2014 KTM65, a 23% performance gain in horsepower can be gained by bolting on the HGS exhaust and the F1moto ROCKET Carb – very worthwhile performance gains.

Testing notes

Note: Our dyno shows stock bikes @ 13 -15 hp depending on year and age.
2013 and 2014 year models are generally more powerful stock than the older bikes.
All testing has been very consistent & equates to a 23% performance gain in horsepower.
*Please contact us if you have a particular stock product or part that needs improvement and our engineering team will review your enquiry to see what can be developed to increase the performance or efficiency of the part in question. 02 4631 2699 or info@f1moto.com.au
F1MOTO provide a complete range of Motorbike engine parts, racing parts, aftermarket spares, oem parts, tools, accessories and equipment for all models of dirtbike. Products are suitable for Motocross racing, dirt track racing, long track racing, super motard and Enduro.

Every new ride on your KTM is an ADVENTURE waiting to be experienced – a dream that is yours to realize. The adventurous spirit lurks in all of us, but few ever answer its call. For those with the courage and vision to follow their sense of adventure, KTM is the perfect match. True adventurers, permanently challenging themselves, looking to new horizons for the next goal, destination or opponent to conquer.



 The 65 SX is a fully-fledged piece of sports equipment for young pilots aged around eight to 12 years, up to a body height of 1.60 m. The new generation 65 SX features an all new sleek bodywork design and a lot of detail improvements that define a new standard of its class in terms of power, riding dynamics, equipment and craftsmanship. With the youngster in mind this package is easy to control and has an engine that is distinguished by a steady power delivery, incorporating a 6 speed clutch that is ideal for transitioning novice riders; into the world of shifting gears. For MY 2016 the 65 SX presents itself with newly designed smart look bodywork plastics that provides better ergonomics and makes the bike even easier to ride. Like its larger counterparts, this bike is truly READY TO RACE for its young competitors.​ 






The 2016 KTM65 SX comes with an easy to use 6 speed transmission to help transition and prepare your young rider for all the future bike upgrades to come; getting them ready for the world of changing gears. It is water cooled and is equipped with a Renthal handlebar and crush pad.


For MY 2016 the engineers designed all new plastics that provide perfect ergonomics and contact points for the rider, maximum freedom of movement and better comfort of the seat.  In addition, advanced design solutions for the new front and rear fenders are prime examples of an intelligent design, which guarantees maximum stability through a well thought-out structure and mounting.

The 65 SX is fitted front and rear with massive four-cylinder calipers that grip lightweight Wave brake discs of 198mm front and 160mm rear diameter. The hydraulic brake system is easy to control and ensures the best deceleration and the highest standard when it comes to safety.

An outstanding feature of the 65 SX is the hydraulic clutch made by Formula. It ensures an easy clutch action and well-defined modulation.

The high performance cylinder features the pressure controlled exhaust valve (PCEV) and provides an unrivalled performance within the highly competitive 65 cm³ class.

The 65 SX benefits from cutting-edge 2-stroke technology and an easy to shift 6-speed transmission with a hydraulic clutch. The pressure controlled exhaust valve provides, in conjunction with a new exhaust pipe and silencer, even more power and plenty of torque. A reworked kickstarter makes starting even easier than before.

The modern frame produced by WP Performance Systems is made of lightweight, high strength chromoly steel profiles and combines maximum longitudinal stiffness with optimum torsional rigidity. It guarantees easy handling and precise cornering, but also outstanding stability. The lightweight aluminum subframe is adapted to match the new bodywork.

Derived from the full-size SX bikes, the in-mold graphics make the new 65 SX even cooler. Its frame has a super rugged polymer coating in noble black.

New, classy anodized handlebars made of a high quality aluminum alloy are distinguished by the best ergonomics and the highest strength. A new crash pad on the handlebar brace protects the rider from rough contact.

An intelligent cooling circuit with integrated crankcase cooling and two redesigned radiators improves the heat dissipation and ensures a constant temperature balance for consistent, high performance.

The new 65 SX is fitted with a newly designed cast aluminum swingarm and is no longer made from steel. Conceived using the latest in calculation and simulation software, the design and wall thickness have been optimized for minimum weight at optimum stiffness and precisely defined flexibility. Not only that, the MY16 bike features a new 2-compound chain guide similar to the full-size models, a new chain glider, a redesigned rear axle with new chain tensioners.


The 35mm upside down front forks by WP Suspension with 215mm of travel ensure the most sensitive response. They are perfectly matched with the high-end WP PDS monoshock and guarantee optimum damping characteristics and outstanding riding stability. The rear wheel travel is 270mm. With adjustable compression and rebound stages, the suspension can be set up precisely for the rider and track in no time.


Like the big KTM factory racers, the 65 SX has super lightweight, black anodized, aluminum rims providing highest strength and safety. The OEM knobbly MAXXIS tires grip superbly on any surface.



The 2016 design improvements (above) can clearly be seen by comparing previous year models (below), some things have stayed the same, but we think that you will agree more has changed than you think as the people at KTM really hit the drawing boards hard to come up with this new line of motorcycles to suit all ages. Afterall fast has no age limit.





DESIGN - 1-cylinder, 2-stroke engine

DISPLACEMENT -  64.9 cm³

BORE - 45 mm

STROKE - 40.8 mm

STARTER - Kickstarter




CLUTCH - Wet, multi-dsc clutch, Formula hydraulics

EMS - AET digital

CHASSIS FRAME DESIGN - Central-tube frame with double-cradle

FRONT SUSPENSION - WP upside-down Ø 35 mm

REAR SUSPENSION - WP shock absorber



FRONT BRAKE - Disc brake

REAR BRAKE - Disc brake



CHAIN - 1/2 x 1/4"


WHEELBASE - 1037 ± 10 mm


SEAT HEIGHT - 750 mm






The KTM SX range of bikes is extremely customisable with a world-wide market of after-market parts available to you, to suit any type of build that you have in mind. Whether it is bling, performance parts, or racing; there is a whole world of amazing parts available for these bikes. HGS Exhausts, Nihilo, P3, RHK, Wossner, and many other great branded products available to enhance your KTM experience. If you are interested, please click the button below to see what KTM50 parts are available for your KTM.


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