Here at F1MOTO we can not wait until out next ride. We are trail explorers, speed crazed, adventurers that want to have a great time on a motorbike. We live to talk everything in the language 'motorcycle', and even more we live to gain great experiences to share with our mates. We have some in the group that ride trail, track, street and generally anything with 2 wheels in almost any terrain. 



Our passion for the sport extends into our lives and our community as we are mad racing fans and love to cheer on at any racing event. We are advid Motocross, Supercross, and MotoGP fans and really get into the action of the sport; which sometimes leaves us: stunned, suprised, blown away, shocked, disappointed, and occasionally devistated when our favourites fall out of the competition. We also love motorcycle stunts, tricks, freestyle motocross, amazing jumps, obstacle hopping and rock balancing; we can not get enough and bow down to the gods of the sport. We are not worthy, but we like to have fun on our bikes, just like the rest of you out there, we keep pushing the limits and go harder on the jumps and the turns.



We are a great team that ride together and work together with the same passion of helping and supporting other riders and their dreams of that perfect day out. Here at F1MOTO we will support you on keeping your motorcycle going and performance does matter to the lot of us. Afterall we all want to go strong, go fast, and be smart about looking after our motorcycles. The pictures below are of our last trip out to FreeFlight MX Park where we let off some steam, playing in the sand and dirt; enjoying amazing burms and jumps that would make even the most critical rider happy.  For more information please visit their website




A great view from our camp at the front gates of the FreeFlight MX Park in Merotherie, NSW. We began and ended each day of our stay with VIP views of the main motocross track. We had such a great time that weekend and are looking forward to our next trip back to FreeFlight, with the hopes of exploring even more of the 400 acres of tracks on offer. Now all we have to do is find a few days in our schedule, away from work, to go and have another dig at those amazing well groomed tracks. 



Our usual setup at an event to support local riders and a great excuse to watch the riders battle it out on the track. This one is at Barleigh Ranch Club near Newcastle, NSW.